Akhmedov Sayfullo Normatovich

PhD of Technical Sciences,

Deputy Chairman of the Federation

of Trade Unions of theRepublic of Uzbekistan


 In the paper has been analyzed methodology for efficiency of water management.Creation of an information array based on official statistics of Uzbekistan, including spatial and dynamic characteristics of water consumption, as well as indicators of economic growth of the economy as a whole and agricultural production. Performing statistical cluster analysis in order to identify homogeneous groups of regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of water consumption and economic growth in the economy and the agricultural sector.

Carrying out a quantitative «causal» analysis in order to identify and assess the direction of the relationship between indicators of the dynamics of water consumption in agriculture and indicators of economic growth, assess the specifics of these relationships for individual regions and regional clusters.

Keywords: water, management, socio-economic efficiency of water consumption, agriculture, water management system, analyzing, monitoring.


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